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Small Task

    * Style templates for

        - Project, Announce create and update forms
        - Homepage is empty, has to be fill with the last activity of the
        - Contact, Help, Legal, etc .. flat pages

    * Search with sorl 

    * Memberships
        - User can register them self as members of a project, members can post
        announces, and upload resources.

        - Membership is aproved by owner of the project.

    * Followers
        - Users can keep the track of projects they mark as 'follow', 
        notifications are send with django-notification, every time one of this
        events are trigged.

            - New announce
            - New resource is upload
            - New release of the project

        - Users can check if they want an email notification for all events or
        just some of them.

    * User accounts

        The ideal use would be OpenID, as the purpose of 'alchemist' is to be
        used to gatter all interested people to expose free software projects,
        is a 'must' the use of a login system that promote the most easy
        register possible.

        For example →

        Views that are missing on current project.
            - Create user account
            - Confirmation of email
            - Reset password

    * Resources

        Owners and members can post downloadables, as resouces. There are models
        on the current version for this purpose, making two types of resources,
        Software Releases and Screenshots.

        There are not views for this.

To think and design

    * Code repositories

        Integrate a watcher for svn, git, bzr and hg code repositories

    * Code analysis

        As it looks like know, 'alchemist' is quite like
        this is not accidental, one important feature of ohlo, is the
        code analysis to present code statistics, this works well as
        measure of the activity of the project.

        Cloc is a GPL project, that count lines
        of code and perform some interesting statistics of the project.
        Cloc can perform analysis on compressed files and directories.

        ¿What would be the data structure on the database to store this stats?

        ¿What would be the measures?