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This project is aim to help developers, it will be helpful for Django early
adopters to.

Before you start you need to know that I am supposing you:

 - know how to create a Django project
 - User virtualenv and install python packages with pip
 - You use Mercurial or Git

How to use

This project is a easy start for django programmers, there are a lot
of common configurations and changes on every Django project, so DRY!

Create a working directory for the project, get the files, don't clone
the project, so you can start a new repo with Hg, Git or other source
management application.

Later just create a virtualenv, install the basic requirements, and
start the project.

    $ mkdir -p ~/Projects/AwesomeProject
    $ cd ~/Projects/AwesomeProject
    $ mkdir -p var/db
    $ virtualenv env
    $ source env/bin/activate
    $ curl -s | tar xzvf -
    $ mv repos08-r-287637-096f3ccc074d awesome
    $ pip install -r awesome/requirements/base.txt
    $ pip install -r awesome/requirements/project.txt
    $ cd awesome
    $ python manage syncdb
    $ python manage runserver

Yes! you have a empty django project running, just make all the awesome
features you like!

If you have an idea to add a common setting or configuration, or even better
you find a bug please let me know!

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