README for CS6301 Cloud Data Security Group Project
Spring 2013 Semester, University of Texas at Dallas

Luke Jin <>
Mark Adams <>
Adam Miller <>

The application is a Java application that makes use of the Swing UI framework. The main entrypoint class is cs6301scc.Main. Please see /docs for more informaton about the design of the application.

Please note: Both the conf/ and libs/ folders must be in the classpath
when running the application in order for it to function properly.

/src - Source files
/libs - Library dependencies
/data - Sample data files
/docs - Required paper
/utils - Miscellaneous utility scripts such as sample Pig and user management scripts.

Understanding the whenever you add a group policy for a given data file, you need to update the' policy.filename entry to load the policy file that you created. When creating the the policy through the policy builder class, be sure and make sure that the path of the data file that the policy file concerns matches the path on the hadoop dfs EXACTLY, and in both places (the path of the data file appears twice within the policy.xml). Also, the data directory that you see in this package should be copied exactly to the dfs as /data/<ecetera> with all of the data folder's contents (doyle, twain, ect).