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Code Overview -- Mark Cutler

Below, is a quick overview of the major packages I have written (or mostly written) and, to varying extents, maintain for my lab.

  • acl-utils -- Two separate libraries (c++ and python) containing commonly called functions, such as communication code (serial, udp, and bluetooth), dynamics models, etc. I also wrote an install script that checks for and, if needed, installs dependencies before installing the libraries.
  • acl-ros-pkg -- A collection of ROS nodes that make up the bulk of the control and simulation code we use. Includes simulations and real-time controllers for quadrotors and ground robots.
  • vicon-filters -- Several real-time filters for extracting robust position, velocity, attitude, and angular rate data from a Vicon motion capture system.
  • raven_rviz -- Visualization code based on the RVIZ project. Includes the ability to dynamically add and subtract vehicles based on the current data stream from either a motion capture source or a simulator.
  • UberPilot-mc -- On-board code for the UberPilot versions < 2.0. The autopilot is based on a microchip 16 bit microcontroller. This is the code currently used by the ACL for all flying vehicles.
  • UberPilot-ti -- On-board code for the UberPilot versions >= 2.0. The autopilot is based on a TI 32 bit, dual-core microcontroller. This code is experimental at this point.
  • UberPilot-pcb -- Eagle schematics and design files for the UberPilots.