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Welcome to the patricia-tree's wiki.

Note that this is just an experimental project. I would have implemented a patricia-tree, as the name suggests, but then its implementation became a Ternary Search Tree. Maybe I'll add other data structures and will call this project as "trees-collection", but for now it only contains a TernarySearchTree data structure.

Cloning this repo

Do you want to clone this repo? First you should install mercurial. Then run this command on prompt:

$ hg clone


If you want to use this library, you have to build the C sources included in the project. To build them, you must install:

And of course you must have Python and an ISO-C compliant compiler on your machine, e.g.: gcc.

After you've checked all the dependences, you must run this in the patricia-tree/ directory you've cloned:

python build

If you got some errors, please read carefully them. Maybe you've not installed all the dependencies. If you cannot find the cause of building problems, you can open a new issue.


Testers are always wanted. If you want to test the application, just run this in the patricia-tree/ directory, after you've built the package, as explained above:

python nosetest

After you've run standard tests, you can write other different tests by yourself.


Do you want to help this project? You can do that, of course! The first thing you can do is to give a look to the bug-tracker and try to resolve some bugs, if any. Then you may want to read what are the latest features I'm trying to implement. You can read them in the Todo list.