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Brandon Rhodes  committed 6cb76cb

Patched gen_uuid.c to include a header file now necessary for compilation.

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File get.sh

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 cp $ZEROMQ/builds/msvc/platform.hpp include_nt
+# Patch gen_uuid.c so that it gets some header files it needs.
+sed -i '34s/^/#define HAVE_UNISTD_H\
+#define HAVE_STDLIB_H\
+#define HAVE_SYS_FILE_H/' src_uuid/gen_uuid.c
 # Generate platform.hpp from platform.hpp.in so that I can compare it
 # against the cached versions.

File src_uuid/gen_uuid.c

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  * %End-Header%
+#define HAVE_UNISTD_H
+#define HAVE_STDLIB_H
+#define HAVE_SYS_FILE_H
  * Force inclusion of SVID stuff since we need it if we're compiling in
  * gcc-wall wall mode