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-This package provides a statically-linked version
-of the **zmq** Python library,
-which is the official interface between Python
-and the ØMQ messaging library:
+This package combines the **zmq** Python package
+with a bundled copy of ØMQ
+so that you do not have to install ØMQ separately on your system.
+This version provides:
+* ØMQ 2.1.4 —
+* PyZMQ 2.1.1 —
-The official distribution for the **zmq** library
-is called **pyzmq** here on PyPI,
-and is maintained by Brian E. Granger:
+PyZMQ is the official interface between Python
+and the ØMQ messaging library.
+The official distribution is called **pyzmq** on PyPI,
+and is maintained by Brian E. Granger.
 This **pyzmq-static** distribution was created by Brandon Craig Rhodes
 after he became frustrated with having to install both libuuid-dev
+| 2011-04-02 — 2.1.4 — ØMQ 2.1.4; PyZMQ 2.1.1.
 | 2010-11-17 — 2.0.10 — ØMQ 2.0.10; FreeBSD support.
 | 2010-09-27 — 2.0.8 — Mac OS X support.
 | 2010-09-15 — 2.0.7a — World debut!
 This Python package is statically linked against ØMQ:
 it carries its own copy of ØMQ around inside of it.
 If your Python program imports other libraries or modules
-that themselves link against ØMQ,
+that themselves expect to link dynamically
+against a system-wide install of ØMQ,
 then linking or runtime problems might arise.
 But still.
 See the source files themselves for more information.
 And thanks to Jeff Garbers for helping me get the package
-working on MacOS X,
-and to Tyler Tarabula for the FreeBSD support!
+working on MacOS X;
+to Tyler Tarabula for the FreeBSD support;
+and to Benjamin RK for helping me rewrite ````
+when PyZMQ split from being one C extension to almost a dozen!
 for ØMQ, pyzmq, and libuuid, and rebuilds the *include* and *src*
 directories using the original files.
 When new versions of these dependencies come out,
-we will update the ** script,
+I update the ** script,
 tweak the result until it compiles cleanly under Linux and Windows,
 and release a new version of **pyzmq-static**.
-      version='2.0.10',
-      description=u'Statically linked ØMQ / 0MQ / ZeroMQ for Python',
+      version='2.1.4',
+      description=u'zmq package that compiles its own ØMQ / 0MQ / ZeroMQ',
       author='Brandon Craig Rhodes',