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 This package provides a statically-linked version
 of the **zmq** Python library,
 which is the official interface between Python
-and the ØMQ messaging library.
-You can find the exuberant ØMQ web site here:
+and the ØMQ messaging library:
-.. _ZeroMQ:
 This **pyzmq-static** distribution was created by Brandon Craig Rhodes
 after he became frustrated with having to install both libuuid-dev
 and ZeroMQ itself on every machine where he then wanted to install **pyzmq**.
 Whether you use Linux or Windows,
 this package should download and compile with a quick **pip** **install**
-assuming that you have the normal tools in place
+without requiring any dependencies beyond the normal tools
 for building Python extension modules at all
 (which are, specifically, the GNU C and C++ compilers for POSIX systems,
 and the free Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express for Windows machines).
-| 2.0.8 — 2010-09-27— Mac OS X support.
-| 2.0.7a — 2010-09-15— World debut!
+| 2.0.10 — 2010-11-09 — ØMQ 2.0.10; FreeBSD support.
+| 2.0.8 — 2010-09-27 — Mac OS X support.
+| 2.0.7a — 2010-09-15 — World debut!
 But still.
 See the source files themselves for more information.
 And thanks to Jeff Garbers for helping me get the package
-working on MacOS X!
+working on MacOS X,
+and to Tyler Tarabula for the FreeBSD support!
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