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Montana State University LaTeX template.

The following are steps to get you going:

  • Start by installing a LaTeX distribution on your computer so you can compile LaTeX files. There are many "Getting Started" guides for LaTeX. This is not a guide but rather a template that conforms to the MSU thesis and dissertation standards.

  • Download the latest version of the template using (Or you can use git to download this repository)

  • Unzipped the folder which includes the template and an example document.

  • Start by looking a "main.tex" which is the main LaTeX document. main.tex loads the template and packages, creates the front matter, and calls other *.tex files for each chapter.

  • You can compile the example document into a pdf using

            pdflatex main.tex
            bibtex main
            pdflatex main.tex
            pdflatex main.tex

  • If you have any questions or comments email Prof. Mark Owkes

Have fun!