Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Mark Roddy avatarMark Roddy
fix bad github url
Mark Roddy avatarMark Roddy
initial stab at adding support for git repos to be mirrored as well as mercurial. hg mirror actually appears to be broken, possibly due to changes in the hg-git plugin
Mark Roddy avatarMark Roddy
include the scm type so we can handle git as well as mercurial
Mark Roddy avatarMark Roddy
perform user input operations at run time rather than import time
Mark Roddy avatarMark Roddy
ignore build artifacts
Default avatar zzzeek
- support "description" and "homepage" fields when syncing from github->bitbucket and vice-versa
Default avatar sramana
Added tag 0.1 for changeset 93b7a6ee8027
Default avatar sramana
Fixed bugs
Default avatar sramana
Base version
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