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Removed the _loadmap() funciton as it is not part of v0.1. It will be reinstated for version v0.2 for which work will begin in a few hours possibly.

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File larvotto/

 				if t:
-				elif not _IsSystemMessage(rec):
+				elif not _IsSystemMessage(rec):
+					#Handle in future, Probably an older log format
-					#print "malformed log record '%s'"%rec
-					#raise ValueError("malformed log record '%s' in file '%s'"%(rec,logf))
 	return messages
 		if recordtext.endswith(sfx):
 			return True
 	return False
-#def _loadmap(self, filename):
-	#each entry in the word map is a (precision+1)-tuple
-	#each word of the precision, plus the number of occurrences
-	#wordmap={}
-	# when using the new, loaded map, use (precision-1) tokens, and get the possible next ones and their frequency, and randomly choose one given the frequency
-	#self._precision= FROM FILE
-	#for line in file 
-	#