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 \item Senior Software Engineer -- Mortar Data, January 2013--Present
-    \item Lead team that won the Best New Feature category in the 2013 Netflix Cloud Prize competion. Under my supervision the team contributed new features as well as adding key integration points allowing the Netflix Lipstick project to be integrated with Mortar Platform.  
+    \item Lead team that won the Best New Feature category in the 2013 Netflix Cloud Prize competion. Under my supervision the team improved Lipstick, an Apache Pig job visualization tool open sourced by Netflix.  Contributed new features as well as adding key integration points which allowed Lipstick to be integrated with the Mortar platform. 
     \item Developed the Mortar Local framework which transparently installs, configures, and manages updates to the Hadoop and Apache Pig runtimes allowing data scientists to author and execute Hadoop jobs in their local environments without having to perform any software installation or configuration.  
     \item Developed Oz, an interal support platform for managing various system inside of Mortar Data.  By providing a central platform for support functionality, which had previously only been available in adhoc scripts, the visibiliy into system operations greatly increased.  In addition, support burden was greatly reduced as all common support functions became trivial to perform.
     \item Built Aristo, a tool for continuous deployment.  Aristo consists of web application for performing deployment steps and a DSL for easily defining steps to build, test, and deploy code to staging and production environments.  The previous deploy processes varied greatly across projects, and each step had a varying level of documentation which made them susceptible human error.  Using the Aristo DSL, deploy steps were easily automated and the user facing deploy process for each project was reduced to a single button for the build, test, and deployment steps which was consistant across all projects.
     \item Developed a system for analysts to design models for prediction of abstract events and situations based upon the results of a completed simulation.  These high level situations better express the outcome of a simulation than individual agent decisions making it easier to communicate the overall result of an experiment.
     \item Leveraging the tools above, created a customized software stack for the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Lab as part of the DARPA sponsored ICEWS project (International Crisis Early Warning System).  Due to the customizable nature components in the above tools, was able to develop an initial prototype in less than three days unlike the previous integration with the same group at Lockheed which took two months to produce the initial prototype.
-\item DMS Logistics 2004--2006
-  \begin{itemize}
-    \item Designed and implemented stored procedure scalability project.  Substantially decreased the amount of system resources needed to execute the processes by performing query tuning and optimizations on SQL based stored procedures.
-    \item Audited and documented data model of in-house Warehouse Management System (WMS).  Using this information, re-engineered data model and underlying database schema. Changes led to easier discovery and resolution of bugs which were causing inventory discrepancies.
-  \end{itemize}
-\section*{Personal Projects}
-  \item squealer - Unit testing library for Apache Pig
-  \item dtrender - Command line tool for rendering Django templates
-  \item brstest -  An xUnit testing framework for the BrightScript programming language
-  \item Larvotto -  Instant messenger bot which uses Markov chains seeded from log files of previous conversations to generate responses
-  \item PyVote -  Python package for the modeling of legislative government bodies. Assisted in development and unit testing.