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Guido van Rossum  committed 22f3a8d

Optimistically, we label this as ready to go today.

Also commit several improvements in the descriptions of the QNX and
BeOS port, both by Chris Herborth.

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-This is Python release 1.5.2a2
+This is Python version 1.5.2b1 -- released Dec 22, 1998
 What's new in this release?
 QNX:	Chris Herborth (chrish@qnx.com) writes:
 	configure works best if you use GNU bash; a port is available on
 	ftp.qnx.com in /usr/free.  I used the following process to build,
-	test and install Python 1.5 under QNX:
+	test and install Python 1.5.x under QNX:
 	1) CONFIG_SHELL=/usr/local/bin/bash CC=cc RANLIB=: \
 	    ./configure --verbose --without-gcc --with-libm=""
 		_locale, math, md5, new, operator, parser, pcre,
 		posix, pwd, readline, regex, reop, rgbimg, rotor,
 		select, signal, socket, soundex, strop, struct,
-		syslog, termios, time, timing, zlib
-		Newly compiled/tested in 1.5.1:
-		audioop, imageop, rgbimgmodule
+		syslog, termios, time, timing, zlib, audioop, imageop, rgbimg
 	3) make SHELL=/usr/local/bin/bash 
 	4) make SHELL=/usr/local/bin/bash test
-	   The socket test might fail in the test harness; going
-	   through it by hand shows that they work.
-	   A good exercise for the reader: make this work "out of the
-	   box".
 	   Using GNU readline 2.2 seems to behave strangely, but I
 	   think that's a problem with my readline 2.2 port.  :-\
 BeOS:	Chris Herborth (chrish@qnx.com) writes:
 	See BeOS/README for notes about compiling/installing Python on
 	BeOS R3 or later.  Note that only the PowerPC platform is
-	supported at this time, but feel free to try building it on
-	x86.
+	supported for R3; both PowerPC and x86 are supported for R4.
 Cray T3E: Konrad Hinsen writes:
 	1) Don't use gcc. It compiles Python/graminit.c into something