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LaTeX macros for the Distutils manuals.
Perhaps these should be added to the standard Python style file?

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File Doc/texinputs/distutils.sty

+% LaTeX commands and macros needed for the two Distutils manuals,
+% inst.tex and dist.tex.
+% $Id$
+% My gripe list about the Python style files:
+%  * I want italics in verbatim environments (verbatim.sty?)
+%  * I hate escaping underscores (url.sty fixes this)
+% Should these be added to the standard Python doc tools?  (They'll be
+% needed for my "Distributing Python Modules" guide, too.)
+\newcommand{\comingsoon}{\emph{Coming soon...}}
+% And how about these?  Very handy for writing pathnames (tilde for
+% Unix, backslash for DOS/Windows).
+\newcommand{\bslash}{\symbol{92}}      % XXX only works in tt fonts!