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Fred Drake  committed d5ce88e

fix typeset of vertical bar for PDF format
(closes SF bug #1008998)

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          {test whether every element in \var{t} is in \var{s}}
-  \lineiii{\var{s}.union(\var{t})}{\var{s} | \var{t}}
+  \lineiii{\var{s}.union(\var{t})}{\var{s} \textbar{} \var{t}}
          {new set with elements from both \var{s} and \var{t}}
   \lineiii{\var{s}.intersection(\var{t})}{\var{s} \&\ \var{t}}
          {new set with elements common to \var{s} and \var{t}}
-         {\var{s} |= \var{t}}
+         {\var{s} \textbar= \var{t}}
          {return set \var{s} with elements added from \var{t}}
          {\var{s} \&= \var{t}}