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These files are from the large example of using the `parser' module.  Refer
to the Python Library Reference for more information.

It also contains examples for the AST parser.


    FILES        -- list of files associated with the parser module.

    README       -- this file.

    docstring.py -- sample source file containing only a module docstring.

    example.py   -- module that uses the `parser' module to extract
                    information from the parse tree of Python source

    simple.py    -- sample source containing a "short form" definition.

    source.py    -- sample source code used to demonstrate ability to
                    handle nested constructs easily using the functions
                    and classes in example.py.

    test_parser.py  program to put the parser module through its paces.

    test_unparse.py tests for the unparse module

    unparse.py      AST (2.7) based example to recreate source code
                    from an AST.