hotpy_2 / Include / errcode.h

#ifndef Py_ERRCODE_H
#define Py_ERRCODE_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* Error codes passed around between file input, tokenizer, parser and
   interpreter.  This is necessary so we can turn them into Python
   exceptions at a higher level.  Note that some errors have a
   slightly different meaning when passed from the tokenizer to the
   parser than when passed from the parser to the interpreter; e.g.
   the parser only returns E_EOF when it hits EOF immediately, and it
   never returns E_OK. */

#define E_OK		10	/* No error */
#define E_EOF		11	/* End Of File */
#define E_INTR		12	/* Interrupted */
#define E_TOKEN		13	/* Bad token */
#define E_SYNTAX	14	/* Syntax error */
#define E_NOMEM		15	/* Ran out of memory */
#define E_DONE		16	/* Parsing complete */
#define E_ERROR		17	/* Execution error */
#define E_TABSPACE	18	/* Inconsistent mixing of tabs and spaces */
#define E_OVERFLOW      19	/* Node had too many children */
#define E_TOODEEP	20	/* Too many indentation levels */
#define E_DEDENT	21	/* No matching outer block for dedent */
#define E_DECODE	22	/* Error in decoding into Unicode */
#define E_EOFS		23	/* EOF in triple-quoted string */
#define E_EOLS		24	/* EOL in single-quoted string */

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* !Py_ERRCODE_H */
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