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This is release 1.2 of modulator, a generator of boilerplate code for
modules to be written in C.

Difference between 1.2 and 1.1: __doc__ templates are now generated
(thanks to Jim Fulton).

Difference between 1.1 and 1.0: the templates now use "new-style"
naming conventions. Many thanks to Chak Tan <tan@ee.rochester.edu> for
supplying them.

Usage when you have tk is *really* simple: start modulator, fill out
the forms specifying all the objects and methods, tell modulator
whether objects should also be accessible as sequences, etc and press
'generate code'. It will write a complete skeleton module for you.

Usage when you don't have tk is slightly more difficult. Look at
EXAMPLE.py for some details (to run, use "python EXAMPLE.py").  Don't
bother with EXAMPLE.py if you have Tkinter!!!

Oh yeah: you'll probably want to change Templates/copyright, or all
your code ends up as being copyrighted to CWI:-)

Let me know what you think,
				Jack Jansen, jack@cwi.nl