1. Marek Kuziel
  2. django-localflavor-nz




Country-specific Django helpers for New Zealand.

What's in the New Zealand localflavor?

  • forms.NZRegionSelect - a Select widget with a list of New Zealand regions.
  • forms.NZProvinceSelect - a Select widget with a list of New Zealand provinces.
  • forms.NZNorthIslandSelect - a Select widget with a list of Norh Island city and district councils.
  • forms.NZSouthIslandSelect - a Select widget with a list of South Island city and district councils.
  • forms.NZPostCodeField - a form field that validates input as a New Zealand postal code. Valid format is XXXX, where X is a digit.
  • forms.NZPhoneNumberField - a form field that validates input as a New Zealand phone number. Validates local and international land line and mobile numbers just as well as 0800 number validation.
  • forms.NZBankAccountNumberField - a form field that validates input as a New Zealand bank account number. Validates the format XX-XXXX-XXXXXXX-XX(X). When strict checking is enabled the bank ID part of account number is validated, too.

See the source code for full details.

NZ specific settings

  • LOCALFLAVOR_NZ_STRICT defaults to False. Add it to your settings if you want to enable strict validation. Currently, if set to True, NZBankAccountNumberField will also validate if given bank account number's bank id is one of the valid ones. See django_localflavor_nz.forms.BANK_IDS for full list of valid bank IDs.

About django-localflavor-nz

django_localflavor_nz package was created by Marek Kuziel, because New Zealand "localflavor" didn't make it to Django before django.contrib.localflavor was deprecated in Django 1.5.


Install the package easy_install django-localflavor_nz or pip install django-localflavor_nz.

Add django_localflavor_nz to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings.


django test django_localflavor_nz will run the tests for this localflavor.

About localflavors

Django's localflavor packages offer additional functionality for particular countries or cultures.

For example, these might include form fields for your country's postal codes, phone number formats or government ID numbers.

The localflavors code used to live in Django proper -- in django.contrib.localflavor -- but was separated into standalone packages in Django 1.5 to keep the framework's core clean.

For other localflavor packages, see https://github.com/django/