== ==

A python script that uses Tracklr ( ) JSON API v1.0
to generate a mind map (.mm) XML file (<map version="0.9.0">) for a free
mind mapping software FreeMind (

Mind maps are genarated from data of all available companies for given
username and password from

The script uses `pytracklr` module crafted by Andrew Turner to inteface
with the Tracklr API.

== download ==

Get the latest version of the script from:

Or clone `tracklr2mindmap` Mercurial repository:

  $ hg clone

Note, `ElementTree` is required by script.

Note, is required by script. Its modified
version is available at `tracklr2mindmap` repository.

== usage ==


Available arguments:

YOUR_TRACKLR_USERNAME - required value. Provide your username for
YOUR_TRACKLR_PASSWORD - optional value. If not provided via command line, password prompted.
THIS_COMPANY_ID_ONLY  - optional value. If provided only selected company abbreviation/id mind
                        map is generated.

If you DO NOT have your username and password setup for Tracklr yet, you can set it up here:

== mind maps ==

Company name is used for mind map file name. Spaces in the name are trimmed.

Example: mind map for "Example Company Ltd" is ""

Mind map is generated using the following rules:

1) Company name is used for root node.
2) Each node contains link node to its location at and also sub-nodes.
2) Inactive/closed clients are on the left side, active/open clients are on the right side.
3) Inactive/closed projects are located in DONE sub-node of their client.
4) Inactive/closed tasks are located in DONE sub-node of their project.
5) Events are only of the user who generated the mind map. Events of other users are not included.