Twython-Django (An example Django Python Twitter OAuth Application, using Twython)

OAuth is an annoying specification to work with. Twitter has an awesome and somewhat unique real time data stream, though, and it'd be a shame to miss out on that stuff because of the warts of a specification.

Twython supports OAuth authentication with Twitter now, and this is a sample Django application to get people up and running (fairly) instantly with Twitter OAuth in Django. Enjoy.


Django - pretty self explanatory.

Twython - the Python Twitter API wrapper of choice.

(pip install | easy_install) twython

...or, you can clone the repo and install it the old fashioned way.

git clone  
cd twython
sudo python install

Twython (for versions of Python before 2.6) requires a library called "simplejson". Depending on your flavor of package manager, you can do the following...

(pip install | easy_install) simplejson

Twython also requires the (most excellent) OAuth2 library for handling OAuth tokens/signing/etc. Again...

(pip install | easy_install) oauth2


pip install git+

Add "twython_django_oauth" to your "INSTALLED_APPS" in your file. If you wish to use the example template, feel free to copy that over as well.

After you've done that, specify the following urlconf in your root

(r'^your_url_extension/', include('twython_django_oauth.urls')),

Add the following settings to

TWITTER_KEY = 'your_key'

TWITTER_SECRET = 'your_secret'





Restart your Django app, and it should all work auto-magically. Build onwards from here if you're just starting out, or integrate this into your existing model setup if you're already Django-savvy.


Need Twython Help?

If you need help with the Twython library itself, check out the project on Github, it's all pretty self contained (twython/ contains just about every function definition you'll need):

Questions, Comments, etc?

My hope is that twython-django is so simple that you'd never have to ask any questions, but if you feel the need to contact me for this (or other) reasons, you can hit me up at

twython-django is released under an MIT License - see the LICENSE file for more information.