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drop: divergence related code

It is now in code

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     return ctx.bumped()
 @eh.addattr(context.changectx, 'conflicting')
-@eh.addattr(context.changectx, 'divergent')
-def divergent(ctx):
+def conflicting(ctx):
     """is the changeset divergent (Try to succeed to public change)"""
-    if ctx.node() is None:
-        return False
-    return ctx.rev() in getrevs(ctx._repo, 'divergent')
+    return ctx.divergent()
 ### revset symbol
-def revsetdivergent(repo, subset, x):
-    """``divergent()``
-    Changesets marked as successors of a same changeset.
-    """
-    args = revset.getargs(x, 0, 0, 'divergent takes no arguments')
-    conf = getrevs(repo, 'divergent')
-    return [r for r in subset if r in conf]