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doc: replace graft -O with grab

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-Move a changeset: ``graft``
+Move a changeset: ``grab``
-The graft command introduced in 2.0 allows you to "copy changes from other
-branches onto the current branch".
+You can use ``hg grab <rev>`` to move a rev at your current location, making the
+old version obsolete.
-The graft command has been altered to allow the creation of an
-obsolete marker indicating both the result cset and its source
-(actually recording changeset movements).
+.. note:: grab is an alias for ``hg rebase --dest . --rev $@; hg up <result>``
-This is achieved using a new flag `-O` (or `old-obsolete`) [#]_.
-XXX example
-.. warning:: when using graft --continue after conflict resolution you **MUST**
-             pass `-O` or `-o` flag again because they are not saved for now
-.. [#] add this `-O` to graft instead of a dedicated command is probably
-       abusive. But this was very convenient for experimental purposes.
-       This will likely change in non experimental release.
 Delete a changeset: ``prune``
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