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 Make sure to check lastest draft changeset before submitting new changeset.
+0.3.0 --
+- obsolete: Add "latecomer" error detection (stabilize does not handle resolution yet)
+- evolve:   Introduce a new `uncommit` command to remove change from a changeset
+- rebase:   allow the use of --keep again
+- commit:   --amend option create obsolete marker (but still strip)
+- obsolete: fewer marker are created when collapsing revision.
+- revset:   add successors, allsuccessors, precursors, all precursors and hidden
+- evolve:   add `prune` alias to `kill`.
+0.2.0 -- 2012-06-20
+- stabilize: improve choice of the next changeset to stabilize
+- stabilize: improve resolution of several corner case
+- rebase:    handle removing empty changesets
+- rebase:    handle --collapse
+- evolve:   add `obsolete` alias to `kill`
+- evolve:   add `evolve` alias to `stabilize`

File docs/evolve-faq.rst

 you can use amend -c to collapse multiple changeset in a single one.
+Getting changes out of a commit
+the ``hg uncommit`` commands allow you to rewrite the current commit to not
+include change for some file. The content of target files are not altered on
+disk and back as "modified"::
+  $ hg st
+  M babar
+  M celestine
+  $ hg commit babar celestine
+  $ hg st
+  $ hg uncommit celestine
+  $ hg status
+  M celestine
 Split a changeset
-There is no official command to split a changeset. However is it easily achieved
-by manual operation::
+I you just want to split whole file, you can just use the ``uncommit`` command.
+If you need fine grained split, there is no official command for that yet.
+However is it easily achieved by manual operation::
   ### you want to split changeset A: 42
   # update to A parent
 Export to mq: ``synchronize``
-Another extension allows to export.
-View change to your file
-Another extension allows to export.
+Another extension allows to export. you changes to mq
 View diff from the last amend
-    odiff = diff --rev 'limit(obsparents(.),1)' --rev .
+    odiff = diff --rev 'limit(precursors(.),1)' --rev .
 View obsolete markers
     $ hg clone
+You can also use a debug command
+    $ hg debugsuccessors
+      5eb72dbe0cb4 e8db4aa611f6
+      c4cbebac3751 4f1c269eab68
 Important Note
 Extinct changesets are hidden using the *hidden* feature of mercurial.
-Only ``hg log`` and ``hgview`` support it. ``hg glog`` or other visual viewer don't.
+Only ``hg log`` and ``hgview`` support it. ``hg glog`` Only support that since
+2.2. Other visual viewer don't.

File docs/from-mq.rst

 note: refresh is an alias for amend
+hg qref -X
+To remove change from you current commit use::
+  $ hg uncommit not-ready.txt
 hg qpop