Pierre-Yves David committed 462d52a

add user to the list of option prevent the "no change found" message to show up

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             updatenodes = set(cl.nodesbetween(roots=[old.node()],
-            if not updatenodes and not (opts.get('message') or opts.get('logfile') or opts.get('edit')):
-                raise error.Abort(_('no updates found'))
+            okoptions = ['message', 'logfile', 'edit', 'user', 'branch']
+            if not updatenodes:
+                for o in okoptions:
+                    if opts.get(o):
+                        break
+                else:
+                    raise error.Abort(_('no updates found'))
             updates = [repo[n] for n in updatenodes]
             # perform amend