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 you can use amend -c to collapse multiple changeset in a single one.
-Split changesets?
+Split changesets
-**TODO: Is it possible to split changesets, for example with record or crecord?**
+There is no official command to split a changeset. However is it easily achieved
+by manual operation::
+  ### you want to split changeset A: 42
+  # update to A parent
+  $ hg up 42^
+  # restore content from A
+  $ hg revert -r 42 --all
+  # partially commit the first part
+  $ hg record
+  # commit the second part
+  $ hg commit
+  # informs mercurial of what appened
+  # current changeset (.) and previous one (.) replace A (42)
+  $ hg kill --new . --new .^ 42
 Move multiple changesets: ``rebase``
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