Pierre-Yves David  committed 64c6bdf

evolve: use super for calling parent class method

Otherwise we can bipass filtering (and break a lot of things)

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File hgext/

     if not repo.local():
-    opush = repo.push
     class evolvingrepo(repo.__class__):
         def push(self, remote, *args, **opts):
             """wrapper around pull that pull obsolete relation"""
-                result = opush(remote, *args, **opts)
+                result = super(evolvingrepo, self).push(remote, *args, **opts)
             except util.Abort, ex:
                 hint = _("use 'hg evolve' to get a stable history "
                          "or --force to ignore warnings")

File tests/test-obsolete.t

 Does not complain about new head if you obsolete the old one
+(re necesarry when we start runnind discovery on unfiltered repo in core)
   $ hg push ../other-new --traceback
   pushing to ../other-new
   adding changesets
   adding manifests
   adding file changes
-  added 2 changesets with 1 changes to 1 files
+  added 2 changesets with 1 changes to [12] files (re)
   $ hg up -q 10
   $ mkcommit "obsol_d'''"
   created new head