Pierre-Yves David committed 6cbb52a

prune: rename --new to --succ

This is closer to want the documentation says.

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         return 1
-    [('n', 'new', [], _("successor changeset")),
+    [('n', 'new', [], _("successor changeset (DEPRECATED)")),
+     ('s', 'succ', [], _("successor changeset")),
      ('r', 'rev', [], _("revisions to prune"))],
     _('[OPTION] [-r] REV...'))
 def cmdprune(ui, repo, *revs, **opts):
     revs = list(revs)
+    succs = opts['new'] + opts['succ']
     wlock = repo.wlock()
         lock = repo.lock()
-            new = set(scmutil.revrange(repo, opts['new']))
+            new = set(scmutil.revrange(repo, succs))
             targetnodes = set(scmutil.revrange(repo, revs))
             if not targetnodes:
                 raise util.Abort('nothing to prune')
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