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Greg Ward  committed 6d691fe

evolve: fix createmarkers() wrapper to accept an iterable

Docstring in mercurial.obsolete says "<relations> must be an iterable
of ...", and hgsubversion takes it at its word and passes a generator.
Until around Mercurial 3.0, this did not cause any problems, but now
it does: in a repo with both evolve and hgsubversion enabled, pushing
to Subversion when obsolete changesets are present causes a crash:

File "/home/gward/src/hgsubversion/hgsubversion/wrappers.py", line 346, in push
obsolete.createmarkers(repo, relations)
File "/home/gward/src/hg-stable/mercurial/extensions.py", line 196, in wrap
return wrapper(origfn, *args, **kwargs)
File "/home/gward/src/hg-evolve/hgext/evolve.py", line 332, in _createmarkers
relations[idx] = (prec, sucs, meta)
TypeError: 'generator' object does not support item assignment

Since hgsubersion is playing by the documented rules, evolve must be
the guilty party here.

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File hgext/evolve.py

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     # every time this test is run, a kitten is slain.
     # Change it as soon as possible
     if '[,{metadata}]' in orig.__doc__:
+        relations = list(relations)
         for idx, rel in enumerate(relations):
             prec = rel[0]
             sucs = rel[1]