Olle Lundberg  committed 7de15cf

evolve: abort when trying to move a node on top of itself

This provides a clearer error message when evolve misstakenly tries
to move a changeset on top of itself. Before we got an abort with a
cryptic message about trying to rebase a merge changeset.

A proper fix to make sure that evolve never tries to move a node on
top of itself will come in later patches.

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File hgext/

 def relocate(repo, orig, dest):
     """rewrite <rev> on dest"""
+        if orig.rev() == dest.rev():
+            raise util.Abort(_('tried to relocade a node on top of itself'),
+                             hint=_("This shouldn't happen. If you still "
+                                    "need to move changesets, please do so "
+                                    "manually with nothing to rebase - working directory parent is also destination"))
         rebase = extensions.find('rebase')
         # dummy state to trick rebase node
         if not orig.p2().rev() == node.nullrev: