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Patrick Mézard  committed 8b25e9c

evolve: avoid 'any' argument name in _picknexttroubled()

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         assert False  # WHAT? unknown troubles
-def _picknexttroubled(ui, repo, any=False):
+def _picknexttroubled(ui, repo, pickany=False):
     """Pick a the next trouble changeset to solve"""
     tr = _stabilizableunstable(repo, repo['.'])
     if tr is None:
         wdp = repo['.']
         if 'conflicting' in wdp.troubles():
             tr = wdp
-    if tr is None and any:
+    if tr is None and pickany:
         troubled = list(repo.set('unstable()'))
         if not troubled:
             troubled = list(repo.set('latecomer()'))