Pierre-Yves David committed 8cbada2 Merge

merge with Denis improvement

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         lockmod.release(lock, wlock)
-    [('r', 'rev', [], 'revisions to fold'),],
+    [('r', 'rev', [], 'revisions to fold'),
+    ],
     # allow to choose the seed ?
     _('[-r] revs'))
 def fold(ui, repo, *revs, **opts):
             allctx = [repo[r] for r in revs]
             targetphase = max(c.phase() for c in allctx)
-            msg = '\n\n***\n\n'.join(c.description() for c in allctx)
+            msgs = ["HG: This is a fold of %d changesets." % len(allctx)]
+            msgs += ["HG: Commit message of changeset %s.\n\n%s\n" %
+                     (c.rev(), c.description()) for c in allctx]
+            commitopts = {'message': "\n".join(msgs)}
+            commitopts['edit'] = True
             newid, _ = rewrite(repo, root, allctx, head,
                              [root.p1().node(), root.p2().node()],
-                             commitopts={'message': msg})
+                             commitopts=commitopts)
             phases.retractboundary(repo, targetphase, [newid])
             createmarkers(repo, [(ctx, (repo[newid],))
                                  for ctx in allctx])


   $ hg log -r 11 --template '{desc}\n'
   add 1
-  ***
   $ hg debugrebuildstate
   $ hg log -r 12 --template '{desc}\n'
   add 4
-  ***
   add 3
-  ***
   add 1
-  ***
   $ hg debugrebuildstate
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