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obsolete: clean up import

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-import os, sys
-    from cStringIO import StringIO
-except ImportError:
-    from StringIO import StringIO
+import sys
 from mercurial.i18n import _
 import json
 import struct
-from mercurial import util, base85
 _pack = struct.pack
 _unpack = struct.unpack
 from mercurial import revset
 from mercurial import scmutil
 from mercurial import extensions
-from mercurial import pushkey
 from mercurial import discovery
 from mercurial import error
 from mercurial import commands
-from mercurial import changelog
 from mercurial import phases
-from mercurial.node import hex, bin, short, nullid
-from mercurial.lock import release
-from mercurial import localrepo
+from mercurial.node import bin, short, nullid
 from mercurial import cmdutil
 from mercurial import templatekw
-from mercurial.localrepo import storecache
 # This extension hold the following code
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