Pierre-Yves David committed 9983f24

Smarter states heads.

We use the next relevant heads instead of repo one when asking for the head of a
disabled state.

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             return 'heads'
+    def enabled(self, ui):
+        return ui.configbool('states',, False)
 ST2 = state('draft', _NOSHARE | _MUTABLE)
 ST1 = state('ready', _MUTABLE, next=ST2)
 ST0 = state('published', next=ST1)
         def stateheads(self, state):
+            # look for a relevant state
+            while state.trackheads and not
+                state =
+            # last state have no cached head.
             if state.trackheads:
-                if self.ui.configbool('states',, False):
-                    return self._statesheads[state]
+                return self._statesheads[state]
             return self.heads()