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Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen  committed 99e51af

add obsolete parents wrapper to the 'parents' command

although the command itself cannot *cause* obsolete changesets, the
information is rather relevant to the state of the parents

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 - added a small extension to experiment with obsolescence marker push
 - amend: drop the deprecated note option
 - amend: use core mechanism for amend (fix multiple bugs)
+- parents command: add "working directory parent is obsolete" message
 3.1.0 -- 2013-02-11

File hgext/evolve.py

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 # This section take care of issue warning to the user when troubles appear
 def wrapmayobsoletewc(origfn, ui, repo, *args, **opts):
     """Warn that the working directory parent is an obsolete changeset"""

File tests/test-obsolete.t

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   - 725c380fe99b
   $ hg up --hidden 3 -q
   working directory parent is obsolete!
+(reported by parents too)
+  $ hg parents
+  changeset:   3:0d3f46688ccc
+  parent:      1:7c3bad9141dc
+  user:        test
+  date:        Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+  summary:     add obsol_c
+  working directory parent is obsolete!
   $ mkcommit d # 5 (on 3)
   1 new unstable changesets
   $ qlog -r 'obsolete()'