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Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen  committed a547464

gdown/gup: add next/previous alias

Up and down refer to the customary order in log output rather than
concepts; as such, it may be confusing to the user. I for one found
them suprising -- they just didn't fit with my mental model.

Previous and next, however, imply a clear parent/child relationship.

We attroduce the new name as aliases for now.

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 - parents command: add "working directory parent is obsolete" message
 - evolve command: allow updating to the successor if the parent is
+- gdown and gup commands: add next and previous alias, respectively
 3.1.0 -- 2013-02-11

File hgext/evolve.py

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 shorttemplate = '[{rev}] {desc|firstline}\n'
-def cmdgdown(ui, repo):
+def cmdprevious(ui, repo):
     """update to parent and display summary lines"""
     wkctx = repo[None]
     wparents = wkctx.parents()
         ui.warn(_('multiple parents, explicitly update to one\n'))
         return 1
-def cmdup(ui, repo):
+def cmdnext(ui, repo):
     """update to child and display summary lines"""
     wkctx = repo[None]
     wparents = wkctx.parents()

File tests/test-uncommit.t

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   $ hg ci -m touncommit
   $ echo unrelated > unrelated
   $ hg ci -Am addunrelated unrelated
-  $ hg gdown
+  $ hg previous
   0 files updated, 0 files merged, 1 files removed, 0 files unresolved
   [8] touncommit
   $ hg uncommit aa