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evolve: remove --change . == --change .^ crazyness

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     If you specify --change, amend additionally considers all changesets between
     the indicated changeset and the working copy parent as updates to be subsumed.
-    This allows you to commit updates manually first. As a special shorthand you
-    can say `--amend .` instead of '--amend p1(p1())', which subsumes your latest
-    commit as an update of its parent.
     Behind the scenes, Mercurial first commits the update as a regular child
     of the current parent. Then it creates a new commit on the parent's parents
     # determine updates to subsume
-    change = opts.get('change', '.')
-    if change == '.':
-        change = 'p1(p1())'
-    old = scmutil.revsingle(repo, change)
+    old = scmutil.revsingle(repo, opts.get('change') or '.')
     lock = repo.lock()