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test: get rid of all reference to conflicting changesets

They are now called divergent for a long time.

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File tests/test-obsolete.t

 #no produced by 2.3
 33d458d86621f3186c40bfccd77652f4a122743e 3734a65252e69ddcced85901647a4f335d40de1e 0 {'date': '* *', 'user': 'test'} (glob)
-Check conflict detection
+Check divergence detection
   $ hg up 9468a5f5d8b2 #  add obsol_d''
   1 files updated, 0 files merged, 1 files removed, 0 files unresolved
   update: (2|9|11) new changesets, (3|9|10) branch heads \(merge\) (re)
   bumped: 1 changesets
   $ hg debugobsolete `getid a7a6f2b5d8a5` `getid 50f11e5e3a63`
-  $ hg log -r 'conflicting()'
+  $ hg log -r 'divergent()'
   changeset:   12:6db5e282cb91
   parent:      10:2033b4e49474
   user:        test

File tests/test-stabilize-result.t

   o  0:07f494440405@default(public) bk:[] adda
-Stabilize conflicting changesets with same parent
+Stabilize divergenent changesets with same parent
   $ rm a.orig
-Check conflicting during conflicting resolution
+Check conflict during divergence resolution
   $ hg up --hidden 15

File tests/test-tutorial.t

 Handling Divergent amend
-We can detect that multiple diverging/conflicting amendments have been made.
+We can detect that multiple diverging amendments have been made.
 The `evolve` command can solve this situation. But all corner case are not
 handled now.