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 22cacfce2a65ab965c6179ae862b148f4abc7d8a 1.1.0
 d43e80504e55db9ad4826e860e50530103a27b0f 2.0.0
 f9d305deeff3dba782e65faf4ef3fd1569995859 2.1.0
+862b6b71a35836e81f090ba7229c2888e8ed2f9f 3.0.0
 It also:
     - enables the "Changeset Obsolescence" feature of mercurial,
-    - alters core commands and extensions that rewrite history to use
-      this feature,
-    - improves some aspect of the early implementation in 2.3
+    - issues several warning messages when troubles appear in your repository.
 **These extensions are experimental and are not meant for production.**
+3.0.0 -- 2013-02-02
+- compatibility with 2.5
 2.2.0 --
 - make evolve smarter at picking next troubled to solved without --any


 For more complexe scenario we recommend the use of the histedit_ extension.
-.. _histedit::
+.. _histedit:
 Update my current work in progress after a pull
     - improves some aspect of the early implementation in 2.3
-testedwith = ''
+testedwith = '2.5'
 buglink = ''
-    version='2.99.0',
+    version='3.0.0',
     author='Pierre-Yves David',
     maintainer='Pierre-Yves David',
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