Pierre-Yves David avatar Pierre-Yves David committed d318fbb

evolve: stop working around phase limitation

Core is handling this part a bit better

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     priordivergents = len(repo.revs('divergent()'))
     ret = orig(ui, repo, *args, **kwargs)
     # workaround phase stupidity
-    phases._filterunknown(ui, repo.changelog, repo._phasecache.phaseroots)
+    #phases._filterunknown(ui, repo.changelog, repo._phasecache.phaseroots)
     newunstables = len(repo.revs('unstable()')) - priorunstables
     newbumpeds = len(repo.revs('bumped()')) - priorbumpeds
     newdivergents = len(repo.revs('divergent()')) - priordivergents
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