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follow-up on evolve-collaboration

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 The next day, Mr C.W., who arrives very early, can immediately
 work out some glitches in the patch.
-He then starts another one, for ticket #43 and finally commits it.
+He then starts two other, for ticket #43 and #44 and finally commits them.
 Then, as original worker arrives, he pushes his stuff.
 M W., now equipped with enough properly sugared coffee to survive the
-    $ hg up "tip ~ 1"
+    $ hg up "tip ~ 2"
 brings him to yesterday's patch. Indeed the patch serial number has
 increased (827 still exists but has been obsoleted).
 * odiff
+Amend ... Stabilize
+Almost perfect ! W. just needs to fix a half dozen grammar oddities in
+the new docstrings and it will be publishable.
+Then, another round of:
+    $ hg amend
+and a quick look at hgview ... shows something strange (at first).
+Ticket #42 yesterday's version is still showing up, with two descendant lineages:
+* the next version, containing grammar fixes,
+* the two stacked changesets for tickets #43 .. 44 committed by C.W.
+Indeed, since this changeset still has non-obsolete descendant
+changesets it cannot be hidden. This branch (old version of #42 and
+the two descendants by C.W.) is said to be _unstable_.
+Why would one want such a state ? Why not auto-stabilize each time "hg
+amend" is spelt ?
+W. for one, wouldn't want to merge each time he amends something that
+might conflict with the descendant changesets; remember he is
+currently updating the very middle of an history !
+Being now done with grammar and typo fixes, W. decides it is time to
+stabilize again the tree. He:
+    $ hg stabilize
+two times, one for each unstable descendant. The last time, hgview
+shows him a straight line again. Wow ! that feels a bit like a
+well-planned surgical operation. At the end, the patient^Wtree has
+been properly sewed and any conflict properly handled.
+Of course nothing fancy really happened: each "stablilize" can be
+understood in terms of a rebase of the next unstable descendant to the
+newest version of its parent (including the possible manual conflict
+resolution intermission ...).
+Except that rebase is a destructive (it removes information from the
+repository), unexchangeable operation, and the "evolve + obsolete"
+combo, using changeset copy and obsolescence marker, provide evolution
+semantics by only adding new information to the repository (but more
+on that later).
+He pushes again.