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mutable-history / docs / evolve-good-practice.rst

Good pratice for (early) user of evolve

Avoid unstability

The less unstability you have the less you need to resolve.

Evolve is not yet able to detect and solve every situation. And your mind is not ready neither.

Branch as much as possible

This is not MQ, you are not constrainted to linear history.

Making a branch per independent branch will help you avoid unstability and conflict.

Rewrite you change only

There is no descent conflict detection and handling right now. Rewriting other people's changesets guarantees that you will get conflicts. Communicate with your fellow developers before trying to touch other people's work (which is a good pratice in any case).

Using multiple branch will help you to achieve this goal.

Prefer pushing unstability than touching other people changeset

If you have children changesets from other people that you don't really care about, prefer not altering them to risking a conflict by stabilizing them.

Do not get too confident

This is an experimental extension and a complex concept. This is beautiful, powerful and robust on paper, but the tool and your mind may not be prepared for all situations yet.