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Mutable History For Mercurial


    Introduce an ``obsolete`` concept that tracks new versions of rewritten


    A collection of commands to rewrite the mutable part of the history.

**These extensions are experimental and are not meant for production.**

You can quicky enable them using::

    ./enable.sh >> ~/.hgrc

But it's recommended to look at the doc in the first place.

See doc/ directory for details.

Online version of the doc is available:



The simplest way to contribute is to issue a pull request on bitbucket.

However, some cutting edge change may be found in a mutable repository hosted
by logilab before they are published.


Make sure to check lastest draft changeset before submitting new changeset.


0.3.0 --

- obsolete: Add "latecomer" error detection (stabilize does not handle resolution yet)
- evolve:    Introduce a new `uncommit` command to remove change from a changeset
- rebase:    allow the use of --keep again
- commit:    --amend option create obsolete marker (but still strip)
- obsolete:  fewer marker are created when collapsing revision.
- revset:    add successors, allsuccessors, precursors, all precursors and hidden
- evolve:    add `prune` alias to `kill`.
- stabilize: clearly state that stabilize does nto handle conflict

0.2.0 -- 2012-06-20

- stabilize: improve choice of the next changeset to stabilize
- stabilize: improve resolution of several corner case
- rebase:    handle removing empty changesets
- rebase:    handle --collapse
- evolve:   add `obsolete` alias to `kill`
- evolve:   add `evolve` alias to `stabilize`