mutable-history /


here=`python -c "import os; print os.path.realpath('$0')"`
repo_root=`dirname "$here"`

if !( hg --version -q | grep -qe 'version 2\.[1-9]' ); then
    echo 'You need mercurial 2.1 or later' >&2
    exit 2

cat << EOF >&2
XXX Add lines below to the [extensions] section of you hgrc XXX


cat << EOF | sed -e "s#XXXREPOPATHXXX#${repo_root}#"
### experimental extensions for history rewriting

# obsolete relation support (will move in core)

# history rewriting UI
# needed by evolve

### useful alias to check future amend result
# equivalent to the qdiff command for mq

# diff
pdiff=diff --rev .^

# status
pstatus=status --rev .^

# diff with the previous amend
odiff=diff --rev 'limit(precursors(.),1)' --rev .

cat << EOF >&2

### check if your need mq export too.
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