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babel-py3k / ChangeLog

Version 1.0
(???, from branches/stable/1.0.x)

 * Added support for the locale plural rules defined by the CLDR.
 * Added `format_timedelta` function to support localized formatting of
   relative times with strings such as "2 days" or "1 month" (ticket #126).
 * Fixed Python 2.3 compatibility (ticket #146).
 * Fixed negative offset handling of Catalog._set_mime_headers (ticket #165).
 * Fixed the case where messages containing square brackets would break with
   an unpack error.
 * Updated to CLDR 1.7.
 * Make the CLDR import script work with Python 2.7.
 * Fix Serbian plural forms (ticket #213).

Version 0.9.5
(Apr 6 2010, from branches/stable/0.9.x)

 * Fixed the case where messages containing square brackets would break with
   an unpack error.
 * Backport of r467: Fuzzy matching regarding plurals should *NOT* be checked
   against len(message.id)  because this is always 2, instead, it's should be
   checked against catalog.num_plurals (ticket #212).

Version 0.9.4
(Aug 25 2008, from branches/stable/0.9.x)

 * Currency symbol definitions that is defined with choice patterns in the
   CLDR data are no longer imported, so the symbol code will be used instead.
 * Fixed quarter support in date formatting.
 * Fixed a serious memory leak that was introduces by the support for CLDR
   aliases in 0.9.3 (ticket #128).
 * Locale modifiers such as "@euro" are now stripped from locale identifiers
   when parsing (ticket #136).
 * The system locales "C" and "POSIX" are now treated as aliases for
   "en_US_POSIX", for which the CLDR provides the appropriate data. Thanks to
   Manlio Perillo for the suggestion.
 * Fixed JavaScript extraction for regular expression literals (ticket #138)
   and concatenated strings.
 * The `Translation` class in `babel.support` can now manage catalogs with
   different message domains, and exposes the family of `d*gettext` functions
   (ticket #137).

Version 0.9.3
(Jul 9 2008, from branches/stable/0.9.x)

 * Fixed invalid message extraction methods causing an UnboundLocalError.
 * Extraction method specification can now use a dot instead of the colon to
   separate module and function name (ticket #105).
 * Fixed message catalog compilation for locales with more than two plural
   forms (ticket #95).
 * Fixed compilation of message catalogs for locales with more than two plural
   forms where the translations were empty (ticket #97).
 * The stripping of the comment tags in comments is optional now and
   is done for each line in a comment.
 * Added a JavaScript message extractor.
 * Updated to CLDR 1.6.
 * Fixed timezone calculations when formatting datetime and time values.
 * Added a `get_plural` function into the plurals module that returns the
   correct plural forms for a locale as tuple.
 * Added support for alias definitions in the CLDR data files, meaning that
   the chance for items missing in certain locales should be greatly reduced
   (ticket #68).

Version 0.9.2
(Feb 4 2008, from branches/stable/0.9.x)

 * Fixed catalogs' charset values not being recognized (ticket #66).
 * Numerous improvements to the default plural forms.
 * Fixed fuzzy matching when updating message catalogs (ticket #82).
 * Fixed bug in catalog updating, that in some cases pulled in translations
   from different catalogs based on the same template.
 * Location lines in PO files do no longer get wrapped at hyphens in file
   names (ticket #79).
 * Fixed division by zero error in catalog compilation on empty catalogs
   (ticket #60).

Version 0.9.1
(Sep 7 2007, from branches/stable/0.9.x)

 * Fixed catalog updating when a message is merged that was previously simple
   but now has a plural form, for example by moving from `gettext` to
   `ngettext`, or vice versa.
 * Fixed time formatting for 12 am and 12 pm.
 * Fixed output encoding of the `pybabel --list-locales` command.
 * MO files are now written in binary mode on windows (ticket #61).

Version 0.9
(Aug 20 2007, from branches/stable/0.9.x)

 * The `new_catalog` distutils command has been renamed to `init_catalog` for
   consistency with the command-line frontend.
 * Added compilation of message catalogs to MO files (ticket #21).
 * Added updating of message catalogs from POT files (ticket #22).
 * Support for significant digits in number formatting.
 * Apply proper "banker's rounding" in number formatting in a cross-platform
 * The number formatting functions now also work with numbers represented by
   Python `Decimal` objects (ticket #53).
 * Added extensible infrastructure for validating translation catalogs.
 * Fixed the extractor not filtering out messages that didn't validate against
   the keyword's specification (ticket #39).
 * Fixed the extractor raising an exception when encountering an empty string
   msgid. It now emits a warning to stderr.
 * Numerous Python message extractor fixes: it now handles nested function
   calls within a gettext function call correctly, uses the correct line number
   for multi-line function calls, and other small fixes (tickets #38 and #39).
 * Improved support for detecting Python string formatting fields in message
   strings (ticket #57).
 * CLDR upgraded to the 1.5 release.
 * Improved timezone formatting.
 * Implemented scientific number formatting.
 * Added mechanism to lookup locales by alias, for cases where browsers insist
   on including only the language code in the `Accept-Language` header, and
   sometimes even the incorrect language code.

Version 0.8.1
(Jul 2 2007, from branches/stable/0.8.x)

 * `default_locale()` would fail when the value of the `LANGUAGE` environment
   variable contained multiple language codes separated by colon, as is
   explicitly allowed by the GNU gettext tools. As the `default_locale()`
   function is called at the module level in some modules, this bug would
   completely break importing these modules on systems where `LANGUAGE` is set
   that way.
 * The character set specified in PO template files is now respected when
   creating new catalog files based on that template. This allows the use of
   characters outside the ASCII range in POT files (ticket #17).
 * The default ordering of messages in generated POT files, which is based on
   the order those messages are found when walking the source tree, is no
   longer subject to differences between platforms; directory and file names
   are now always sorted alphabetically.
 * The Python message extractor now respects the special encoding comment to be
   able to handle files containing non-ASCII characters (ticket #23).
 * Added 'N_' (gettext noop) to the extractor's default keywords.
 * Made locale string parsing more robust, and also take the script part into
   account (ticket #27).
 * Added a function to list all locales for which locale data is available.
 * Added a command-line option to the `pybabel` command which prints out all
   available locales (ticket #24).
 * The name of the command-line script has been changed from just `babel` to
   `pybabel` to avoid a conflict with the OpenBabel project (ticket #34).

Version 0.8
(Jun 20 2007, from branches/stable/0.8.x)

 * First public release