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Add a catch_exc_info argument to get_response

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File webob/

     # Will be filled in later:
     ResponseClass = None
-    def get_response(self, application):
+    def get_response(self, application, catch_exc_info=False):
         Like ``.call_application(application)``, except returns a
         response object with ``.status``, ``.headers``, and ``.body``
         This will use ``self.ResponseClass`` to figure out the class
         of the response object to return.
-        status, headers, app_iter = self.call_application(application)
+        if catch_exc_info:
+            status, headers, app_iter, exc_info = self.call_application(
+                application, catch_exc_info=True)
+            del exc_info
+        else:
+            status, headers, app_iter = self.call_application(
+                application, catch_exc_info=False)
         return self.ResponseClass(status, headers, app_iter=app_iter, request=self)