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 * Moved repository from svn location to
+* Arguments to :meth:`Accept.best_match` must be specific types,
+  not wildcards. The server should know a list of specic types it can
+  offer and use ``best_match`` to select a specific one.
+* With ``req.accept.best_match([types])`` prefer the first type in the
+  list (previously it preferred later types).
+* Also, make sure that if the user-agent accepts multiple types and
+  there are multiple matches to the types that the application offers,
+  ``req.accept.best_match([..])`` returns the most specific match.
+  So if the server can satisfy either ``image/*`` and or ``text/plain``
+  types, the latter will be picked independent from the order the accepted
+  or offered types are listed (given they have the same quality rating).
+* Fix Range, Content-Range and AppIter support all of which were broken
+  in many ways, incorrectly parsing ranges, reporting incorrect
+  content-ranges, failing to generate the correct body to satisfy the range
+  from ``app_iter`` etc.
+* Support passing Unicode bodies to :class:`WSGIHTTPException`
+  constructors.
+* Make ``bool(req.accept)`` return ``False`` for requests with missing
+  Accept header.
+* Add HTTP version to :meth:`Request.__str__` output.
+* Resolve deprecation warnings for parse_qsl on Python 2.6 and newer.
+* Fix :meth:`Response.md5_etag` setting Content-MD5 in incorrect
+  format.
+* Add ``Request.authorization`` property for Autorization header.
+* Make sure ETag value is always quoted (required by RFC)
 * Moved most ``Request`` behavior into a new class named
   ``BaseRequest``.  The ``Request`` class is now a superclass for
   ``BaseRequest`` and a simple mixin which manages
 * Made the case of the Content-Type header consistent (note: this
   might break some doctests).
-* With ``req.accept.best_match([types])`` prefer the first type in the
-  list (previously it preferred later types).
 * Make ``req.GET`` settable, such that ``req.environ['QUERY_STRING']``
   is updated.
 * Fix problem with ``req.POST`` causing a re-parse of the body when
   you instantiate multiple ``Request`` objects over the same environ
-  (e.g., when using middleware that looks at ``req.POST``). 
+  (e.g., when using middleware that looks at ``req.POST``).
 * Recreate the request body properly when a ``POST`` includes file
-  uploads.  
+  uploads.
 * When ``req.POST`` is updated, the generated body will include the
   new values.
+* Fix `Request.blank('/').copy()` raising an exception.
 * Fix a potential memory leak with HEAD requests and 304 responses.
 * Make :func:`webob.html_escape` respect the ``.__html__()`` magic
+* Make sure that if changing the body the Content-MD5 header is
+  removed. (Otherwise a lot of middleware would accidentally
+  corrupt responses).
+* Fixed `Response.encode_content('identity')` case (was a no-op even
+  for encoded bodies).
+* Fixed :meth:`Request.remove_conditional_headers` that was removing
+  If-Match header instead of If-None-Match.
 * Fixed ``resp.set_cookie(max_age=timedelta(...))``
 * ``request.POST`` now supports PUT requests with the appropriate
+* Add more arguments to :meth:`Request.remove_conditional_headers`
+  for more fine-grained control: `remove_encoding`, `remove_range`,
+  `remove_match`, `remove_modified`. All of them are `True` by default.
+* Add an `set_content_md5` argument to :meth:`Response.md5_etag`
+  that calculates and sets Content-MD5 reponse header from current
+  body.
 * Change formatting of cookie expires, to use the more traditional
   format ``Wed, 5-May-2001 15:34:10 GMT`` (dashes instead of spaces).
   Browsers should deal with either format, but some other code expects
 * Set the Expires property on cookies when using
   ``response.set_cookie()``.  This is inherited from ``max_age``.
+* Support Unicode cookie values