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WebObTestCoverage / tests / test_exc.py

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Sergey Schetinin
replace some verbose testing code with assert_raises, remove some ok_(...)
Chris McDonough
* Fix a bug in ``webob.exc.WSGIHTTPException.__init__``. If a list of ``headers`` was passed as a sequence which contained duplicate keys (for example, multiple ``Set-Cookie`` headers), all but one of those headers would be lost, because the list was effectively flattened into a dictionary as the result of calling ``self.headers.update``. Fixed via calling ``self.headers.extend`` instead.
Chris McDonough
Make previously failing test pass on Python < 2.5.
Pavel Repin
Fix a unicode handling bug in webob.exc When from __future__ import unicode_literals is set, and you create a request object using Request.blank('/', method='SOME_METHOD_NAME'), and then a WSGI app handles this request and raises HTTPMethodNotAllowed, you get this exception: TypeError: You cannot set the body to a unicode value without a charset This happens because WSGI app in webob.exc uses a string template parametrized with things …