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MyXslt is a Javascript tool using browser's built-in XSLT capacity to transform XML to HTML.

It is modified and enhanced from source code in the excellent Javascript book 
"JavaScript: The Definitive Guide", 5th Edition, by David Flanagan (ISBN: 0596101996)

Special thanks to David Flanagan for giving me the permission to release it under MIT License.

Usage example:
Xml.Config.useCache = false; // optional, only need to set once
Xml.Config.logging = true; // optional, turn on logging if browser supports
Xml.transform(someXml, "path/some.xslt", someHtmlElementToHoldResult);

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1. Add logging support

Initial version. The reason for creating such a tool was the need to transform SharePoint 2007 search service's results 
directly into HTML when I made a People Search Content Editor Web Part, which does interactive ajax searching stuff.

To test:
1. run test/unitTest.html