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Xml.Config.useCache = false; // optional, only need to set once
Xml.Config.logging = true; // optional, turn on logging if browser supports
Xml.transform(someXml, "path/some.xslt", someHtmlElementToHoldResult);


Some tests have been done in Firefox 3+, IE 8 and Chrome 9+. Unit tests with local files access in Chrome is done via the --allow-file-access-from-files flag, however, local file IO was not implemented for Chrome/Safari. You can find unit tests in the full package.

QUnit screen shot in Firefox4

Special Thanks

This small library is modified and enhanced from example code in the excellent book "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (5th Edition)" by David Flanagan. So special thanks to David Flanagan for giving me the permission to release it under MIT License.